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Business Class Internet

Wave gives your business the fastest speed for the lowest price. Our economical options let you find the right business-class internet solution to meet your company's needs.

High Speed 15

$59.95/mo. with 2-year agreement
$69.95/mo. month-to-month

15 Mbps down/5 Mbps up

High Speed 15 is ideal for most office networks or individual power users.

  • 300 GB of monthly data allotment included
  • Includes 10 "wavecable.com" email addresses

High Speed 55

$89.95/mo. with 2-year agreement
$109.95/mo. month-to-month

55 Mbps down/10 Mbps up*

High Speed 55 is perfect for a medium-sized office network or individual users who need a super-fast internet connection.

  • 600 GB of monthly data allotment included
  • Includes 10 "wavecable.com" email addresses

High Speed 80

$129.95/mo. with 2-year agreement
$149.95/mo. month-to-month

80 Mbps down/15 Mbps up*

High Speed 80 is the right fit for a medium to large-sized office network.

  • 600 GB of monthly data allotment included
  • Includes 10 "wavecable.com" email addresses

High Speed 110

$179.95/mo. with 2-year agreement
$199.95/mo. month-to-month

110 Mbps down/20 Mbps up*

High Speed 110 is designed to meet the needs of a high-demand office network.

  • 1 TB of monthly data allotment included
  • Includes 10 "wavecable.com" email addresses

Static IP Addresses

Do you need to provide internet access to your employees when they're away from the office? A Wave static IP allows you to host a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so you can connect telecommuters securely or create a wide area network (WAN) between separate offices. A static IP will also allow you to host your own website or webmail service.

1 Static IP             $9.95/mo.
2-8 Static IPs        $19.95/mo
9-13 Static IPs      $29.95/mo

Email Services

Don't want to set up your own email server? Don't worry, all internet services come with 10 "wavecable.com" email addresses. Additional emails can be purchased for $4.95/mo. each or in a pack of 10 for just $19.95/mo.

If your business requires more comprehensive internet and phone options, then our enterprise-level service may be the solution. We can create a custom-fit package for your business! Our Enterprise Solutions, for medium to large businesses, feature internet connectivity up to 10 Gbps circuits and multi-phone line bundles. Call today to see what we can do for you!

* Speeds vary by service area. Call 1-888-202-9820 for availability and launch updates on our fastest speeds.Taxes and franchise fees apply. Installation fees apply. Other restrictions may apply. Call for complete details.

Minimum computer system requirements apply. Speeds not guaranteed and vary based on user's computer system, number of users and site user is accessing. Wave's Internet Acceptable Use Policy does not permit the use of a static IP address or using any protocol other than DHCP with residential service. View our Internet Acceptable Use Policy for details.

Data transfer usage includes both downstream/download and upstream/upload activity. Data transfer usage allotment upgrades may be added to your service for $10/100 GB. Data transfer usage beyond the included allotment in a month is subject to additional charges. Higher usage options available with our Enterprise Solutions; call for details.