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Carrier/Wholesale Services

Wave Business Solutions offers wholesale ethernet and fiber access options for carriers, resellers, ISPs, and wireless provider partners. Give us a call at 425-896-1800 or email us at wholesale@wavebroadband.com to request a quote.

Carrier Transport Service

  • 100% Fiber Access
  • 5Mbps-10Gbps Ethernet over Fiber Service offerings
  • Dark Fiber Access throughout WA, OR and CA
  • Wavelength Services
  • Extensive Rural and Metro Access Solutions
  • Diverse Route Options


  • Multi-region 1Gbps and 10Gbps Carrier NNI Access
  • Aggressive Rate Structures
  • Supports Carrier, Reseller, ISP and Wireless Providers
  • MEF Compliant
  • 10Mbps – 1Gbps UNI to NNI Access Options
  • Industry-leading Service  and Support
  • Dedicated Account Team

IP Transit

  • Wave IP transit routing cores are highly redundant, allowing for maximum uptime.
  • Our multi-10G links with numerous Tier 1 IP transit providers, combined with the density of our peering fabric, provides a very resilient and route-efficient network.
  • Wave offers a plethora of BGP community strings that allow for manipulation of traffic ingress and egress for our BGP speaking customers.

Cellular Backhaul

You need to accommodate rapidly growing mobile traffic with reliable backhaul solutions that can quickly scale up capacity to meet growing demand. Wave can help you manage the escalating cell traffic from next-generation mobile devices.

  • On-time deployment with the best fiber construction team on the West Coast
  • Hundreds of sites currently in operation with multiple major cell carriers
  • Support for dark fiber and MEF certified Ethernet deployments ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps service levels
  • Fiber to the Tower


  • Familiar with USAC requirements
  • Active SPIN Number


“Spectrum can pull off miracles immediately, but the impossible will take another hour or so.”

Jim Glenn, Sabey


“Wave Broadband, especially Jana Callanan and your install team, has been fantastic in meeting CoRR’s needs in regards to getting our installs in a timely manner and accurately.”

Jonel Mullins, CoRR