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Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Wave Business Solutions delivers options that fit the unique needs of your business and your industry. We design custom entertainment and communications packages, providing you with the most reliable and robust solutions.


In the ever-changing financial sector, you need the infrastructure to keep your business connected and moving. Having the flexibility and scalability to manage resources efficiently will help your productivity and your bottom line. We understand to be competitive and profitable, you need to have the right technology from a provider that’s also a business partner. After all, we consider your success, our success.

Carrier / Cellular Backhaul

Accommodate rapidly growing mobile traffic with reliable backhaul solutions that can quickly scale up capacity to meet your growing needs. Wave provides a high-capacity Cell Tower Backhaul solution that serves as a solid foundation to satisfy the ever-growing cell traffic from next-generation mobile devices.


Educational institutions continually seek out innovative ways to reach students and improve educational opportunities. Growing bandwidth demands for new applications and increased online educational activities means you need scalable solutions that are also secure, and at the same time, control costs. Wave Business Solutions is the answer to all your telecommunications needs.

Wave is proud to be a part of the FCC's e-rate program to provide affordable telecommunications access to eligible schools and libraries.


Wave Business Solutions offers a variety of products and services to meet the needs of your property. We provide communication service to construction trailers, in-room guest entertainment and high-speed internet access. Premium, in-house, Pay-Per-View, HD, and subscription channels are also available. Plus, with Wave you'll always get local, reliable customer care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Wave Business Solutions provides your manufacturing group with the edge you need by offering you the tools to better manage supplier, worker and customer relationships. With robust data networks that reach even the most remote location, Wave allows you to leverage high-bandwidth applications that reduce costs and increase productivity, and it's all backed by our reliable 24-hour customer care.

Medical / Pharmaceuticals

Transform your patient care with our healthcare technology solutions that help you manage costs while still providing high-quality care. Share patient data securely, collaborate across multiple locations/facilities, entertain patients bedside or in waiting rooms to maximize patient satisfaction.

Public Sector / Government

Wave understands that government needs differ from those of other businesses. Our goal is to always provide the service and solutions that government agencies demand. Our network allows government agencies to achieve telecom diversity and address Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP). Teleworking, branch office connectivity, and dedicated access solutions help ensure telecom diversity by using proven technology.


Wave delivers reliable, cost-effective solutions to help retailers distinguish themselves from the competition. Advanced communications and networking tools help simplify supply chain management, improve employee productivity, speed order fulfillment and enrich in-store and online customer experience. Best of all, Wave dedicated customer service and support professionals and 24/7 network monitoring ensure reliability and peace of mind so you can focus on getting more customers but also meeting your high standards for excellent customer service.


Wave Business Solutions delivers reliable enterprise-class solutions over our advanced fiber network and empowers you to cost-effectively scale bandwidth to meet growing business needs.


Delivered over our advanced fiber-rich network, Wave Business Solutions satisfy the growing demand for high-capacity bandwidth like HD and 3D video content and more. For service providers, get scalable IP solutions giving you flexibility and reliability for your broadband customers.