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Metro Ethernet

Wave's Metro Ethernet provides multiple supported topologies to fit your connectivity needs: point-to-point, any-to-any, and hub-and-spoke. Additionally, our ethernet connectivity solutions offer a range of high speeds to match your bandwidth needs at each location.

Ethernet Simplicity

Wave's Metro Ethernet provides point-to-point service, using familiar ethernet technology to connect locations, eliminating the need to deploy complicated LAN-WAN conversion technologies. Your IT professionals apply the same technical expertise to both internal and external network connectivity, capitalizing on this simplicity.

Cost Savings

Wave delivers high-speed, metro-area-wide ethernet connectivity that allows your business to employ the latest technologies, combining voice, video and data connections. Metro Ethernet can provide a higher bandwidth value than legacy technologies such as frame relay, Sonet or T1s. Plus, you eliminate the need to purchase and install expensive CPE (Customer-Provided Equipment) at each location, resulting in lower overall cost of ownership.

Secure Connections

By utilizing Wave's own network, your company communications do not ride third party circuits, and you can be assured of your own private, secure circuit.

Local Service and Support

Highly trained Wave technicians, dedicated to commercial services, will install your service to ensure that your expectations are fully met. Our dedicated local support team is available 24 hours a day. In addition, we monitor our networks through our local Network Operations Center and provide responsive, enterprise-level customer service.