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Wholesale / Carrier Solutions

Wave Business Solutions offers carrier-class services for ISPs, resellers, partners and wireless providers. This includes services for wholesale voice, data, internet and video.

Dedicated Internet Access

For businesses requiring high bandwidth, or wholesale IP connectivity, Wave's Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is the solution. We provide secure, dedicated fiber access from the customer site to the Wave IP network, along with guaranteed speeds and bandwidth, and the option to scale as your company's needs change.

We can provide both primary and redundant solutions, and our Dedicated Internet Access includes multiple ISPs at the carrier hotels, and failover between the West Coast markets of Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

Metro Ethernet / Type II Solutions

Metro Ethernet provides an option for transport that is less expensive and faster than legacy network protocols. Wave offers Metro Ethernet to address a wide range of Layer 2 networking needs, including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and any-to-any WAN connectivity.

Wireless Backhaul

Wave is equipped to handle the growing demands of today's technology with our Wireless Backhaul Service. As the demand for smart phones increases, along with continued growth in wireless broadband and the continuing evolution of 3G and 4G networks such as WiMax and LTE, more and more carriers are looking to Wave. Our services are specifically designed to help handle your growing bandwidth demands while reducing the associated operating costs.


Our state-of-the-art colocation service provides secure, controlled space with network access for your servers allowing fast and efficient interconnection of network services.