Analog Cable Converter

Wave gives you more choice and control with the Analog Converter.


Wave has the equipment choices to fit your needs and budget. We provide everything from robust Enhanced Digitial Receivers for customers who want everything that cable entertainment has to offer, to Analog Converters that provide access to Local Broadcast and Basic Cable channels. Get an Analog Converter from Wave for only $2.00/month!


The Analog Converter is:

  • A great addition for extra rooms in the house that don't need an Enhanced Digital Receiver

  • A compact alternative to our full-sized Enhanced Digital Receiver- it's as small as a deck of cards

  • Designed to to attach to the back of a TV with velcro strips so it can remain hidden from view

  • An affordable way to have access to the digital channels that are on our Local Broadcast and Basic Cable package tiers


NOTE: Analog Converter service not available in all areas. View Product List for your area, or call 1-866-928-3123 for more information.

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