Universal Cable Converter

Wave's Universal Converter gives you more choice and control.


Wave has the equipment choices to fit your cable TV needs and budget. Add a Universal Converter to your secondary HDTVs and get access to the high-definition and digital channels included in your cable service subscription. This is a perfect solution if you have multiple HD televisions in your home, but don't want full-sized HD receivers for them. Get a Universal Converter from Wave for only $4.00/month!


The Universal Converter is:

  • A great addition for extra HDTVs in the house that don't need an HD Receiver

  • A compact alternative to our full-sized HD Receiver- it's as small as a deck of cards

  • Designed to to attach to the back of a TV with velcro strips so it can remain hidden from view

  • An affordable way to have access to the HD and digital channels that are in your cable service package.


NOTE: Universal Converter service not available in all areas. View Product List for your area, or call 1-866-928-3123 for more information.