Enhanced Voicemail

With Wave’s Enhanced Voicemail, you can have all the convenience of voicemail, without the hassle of a message machine! Wave makes it easy, with online access to your voicemail messages so you never miss an important call—even when you’re not at home.

Voice Messaging

Record a greeting that will be played when you are unavailable to answer a call and allow your incoming callers to leave a message for you, all for just $5/month! This feature comes automatically activated when included with or added to your phone service. Get more information on setting up and accessing your Enhanced Voicemail.

WavePhone™ Portal

Check your voice messages, set preferences and manage features online via the WavePhone Portal.

Message Indicator

If you have a new voicemail, the line will have a “staggered” dial tone when you pick up the line. This will continue until you have called and checked your messages.